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Re-opened our office: Back to sawdust and the smell of cake

Opdateret: 23. apr. 2020

Our headquarter is moving back from video-call to Bådehavnsgade.

After weeks with quarantine and working remote, we started re-opening our office this week. Of course in a safe way with only a few people working at the office at the same time and following the distancing rules - which hasn't been too hard to handle as we are a relatively small team.

While the isolation has only been doing on for around a month of isolation, it really feels good to be back - and be able to look each other in the eyes, have that casual conversation, feel the sawdust in the workshop and smell the cakes our neighbour are still baking.

Some things work better physically As mentioned in our last post, working from remote has learned us a thing or two about online-efficiency, which can be applied to how we will work going forward.

You can read the post here: How we move project-development online

That being said, there are definitely also things that are just way easier when meeting in the real world. The biggest one; being able to touch the prototypes and discuss them in a physical manner - instead of trying to show the models on a video-call. It just speeds up the conversation and creates a more informal way of developing the project further.

Our morning-meeting in the sun - on the stair outside with safe distance.

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