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We’re looking for a CEO for Ambitlocker

Our smart-locker system is ready for the market. Now we're looking for the right person to make it a home run.

We spend a couple of years developing our smart-locker system called Ambitlocker, and now it's ready for the next, exciting phase.

The first pilot-customers are successfully onboarded, so now it's time to find the team who can take the invention to the next level.

For that reason, we're looking for an entrepreneurial leader who wants to be a part of building a growing organisation from the ground up.

Calling entrepreneurial leaders

Ambitlocker is an IoT-enabled smart-locker solution designed to remove the hassle from locker management. In a joint venture with the great guys from Mylocker, we've managed to complete a system that is both market-leading and cutting edge in terms of technology.

The potential is huge, and we have already onboarded to ambitious investors to make Ambitlocker its own startups. Now we're looking for the CEO who will be responsible for developing and executing the potential. From the headquarter in Copenhagen, the new CEO will build the organisation and make the first key-hires, who can initiate the growth.

In other words: We're looking for the central person to build a huge, danish growth-company. If that's you or someone you know, you can read more about the position here:

Company in the company

At Lolle & Nielsen Inventions we've been a part of inventing, designing, developing and maturing Ambitlocker to what the system is today - in a joint venture with the company Mylocker.

Now, the product is ready for the market, and we're looking forward to letting our baby into the hands of new parents, who can fulfil its potential - just like we've done with other inventions before it.

This way, Ambitlocker will become its own startup in parallel with our inventing-company. We will still be co-owner the company in a joint-venture with our partners and supporting the coming journey as best as we can. And we're looking so much forward to see, where this next phase will take Ambitlocker.

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