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We got our own, flexible photo studio

From idea to prototype to final product: Product development generates a lot of product photos. For that reason, we've now gotten our own studio.

Ever since we bought a professional camera and some lighting equipment a few years back, we've shot the photos of our products ourselves. But it was always a hustle to set up for a shoot at the office. For that reason, we've now made our own, flexible photo studio.

It consists of two canvasses - a big and a small one - which can just be pulled down from the ceiling to get a smooth background. At the same time, we've invested in some new photo-gadgets like a slider to make the process even more flexible.

This allows us to take great photos of products ranging from a large sit/stand desk to closeups of our smart padlocks - fast and easy. Which means we've already photographed three products in the past 14 days.

Flexibility is key

We're always striving to expand our skillset and toolbox in order to facilitate as much as possible inhouse.

We've previously been used to hiring a photographer or renting gear whenever we needed product photos. And when you develop products from idea to prototype to finished products ready for the market you want a bunch of pictures along the way.

For that reason, it need to be quick and easy. And with our new photo studio we can quickly take our own, high-quality photos without having to relly on and schedule around external help.

So far, our partners have been surprised by the quality of the photos we can provide. On multiple occasions they have been used in the final marketing material. Hopefully, our new photo studio will only make us more attractive as a partner.

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