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Walking meetings: Hiking wasn’t just a pandemic thing

Talking while moving around is a great recipe for making your creativity flow. We’ve been practising it for years – and won’t stop any time soon even if the lockdown is over.

Suddenly, everybody started walking when the pandemic and its multiple lockdowns hit. As an alternative to the endless, virtual business meetings - or just as a leisure activity now that many sports were shut down.

Luckily, lockdowns seem to be lifting all over the world making paddle tennis, fitness worlds and soccer pitches readily available all over the place again.

But don’t forget to keep walking. The spring is here, the weather is great, and nothing gets the energy and creativity flowing like a good hike.

A company built on walking

Actually, we (as in the founders of Lolle & Nielsen Inventions) have been practicing walking meeting ever since the company was started - long before corona was a thing.

Every 14 days we take a walk, where we are talking all current projects through – as well as any personal matter or issues we’re currently struggling with.

Over the years, we’ve pretty much gotten a set route for the meeting: From our offices in Sydhavnen then following the water down to Hvidovre Bådelaug.

On the way down, we discuss the personal matters, and when we turn around and start talking back we start discussing projects, strategy, and business – essentially to make sure we’re heading in the right direction.

A creative break

Moving around is a great way to boost the energy level, and in addition we’ve found the walking meeting to be a great fit for our partner-meetings where we discuss both personal and business matter; whereas sitting face to face over a table quickly turn confrontational in its nature.

We encourage you to stretch your legs and get out in the nice spring weather. Both as a way to get the creative muscles going in a business setting – and just as a nice break from the bustle of everyday life.

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