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Visit our inventor-cave in this podcast by 'Under Hjelmene'

'Under Hjelmene' has visited our offices again, and this time we took a deeper dive into our workshop and some upcoming inventions. You can hear it all in the latest episode of their podcast right here.

We have now been inventing technical tools for the building industry for a decade now, and recently 'Under Hjelmene' stopped by our inventor-cave to see how the sausage is made.

We talked specifics about some of our upcoming products - Upclimber and Conhoist - and how we developed them alongside stakeholders from the industry.

During the 15 minute-podcast, we also had time to talk about working-environment and not least how IoT is spicing up our upcoming tools by adding completely new functions and business models.

You can hear in the latest episode of the monthly podcast right here:

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