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The Ultimate Break: Bouldering

Visiting our neighbouring climbing-gym "Boulders" is both a time-efficient workout and a shortcut to the flow-state.

Our offices in Sydhavnen is only a minute away from the climbing gym 'Boulders'. Which means we have the perfect access to a really cool break where we can surround ourselves with great energy and a bunch of nice people while bouldering.

For those of you not familiar with bouldering: It's a simple form of climbing. There's no need for ropes, harnesses or other equipment. Instead, we only climb 4-5 meters up and are secured by mattresses to fall on.

The reason why bouldering is the ultimate break? The flow!

When climbing the colour-coded challenges your mind enters a flow-state where climbing is all you can think about. You get to use your body while it clears the mind in an incredibly efficient way.

Come join us

With Copenhagen Boulders as our neighbour, it's just as efficient to go bouldering as to go for a run. We basically just have to go out the front door of the office and then we're ready to start.

We are a couple of team-members who use it regularly before or after work - or even as a break in the middle of the day. And after an intensive 30-minute workout you're busted - which make it really efficient.

When you've never tried climbing before, it can be a little overwhelming to get started. But if you're the slightest interested in trying bouldering after reading this, you should come join us in the gym.

...this also goes for the remainder of our own office who hasn't really found their climbing shoes yet 😉

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