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The full-size test rig for Conhoist

We are currently doing the lasts tests before Conhoist is ready for the market

A smart traverse crane system capable of moving +1.000 kg around on a building site isn’t something you can introduce to the market without comprehensive testing.

Our Conhoist is, however, getting really close to the market, and for the final series of tests, we’ve now installed a hefty scaffolding outside BetaFactory/Trifolium here in Sydhavnen to test the system in full size.

A double-win

There are a lot of moving part that has to lock into place when developing a huge, intelligent and IoT-enabled crane system; from electronics to mechanics everything has to work tightly together.

Conhoist has gotten so far, that it has just been tested with a load of 1 tonne – which means the tests are going just as we hopped.

And as an added benefit, the installation of the test rig here in Sydhavnen allows us to invite other small, local businesses to use the crane in their daily work – a practical solution in parallel with our testing which we dare to call a true win-win.

You can read more about Conhoist here.

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