The “Christmas Morning” of every invention-cycle

We just experienced another “Christmas Morning” for one of our inventions: The day where it really starts taking shape in the physical world.

Usually, we’re developing the idea and concept over several months. Sometimes longer. Then the product starts taking shape on the drawing board. Several mockups and handmade prototypes and being built, assessed and reshaped. Then we hit this intense period of fine-tuning the drawings for the first professional prototype. Which ends up in 14 days of intense waiting before all the freshly painted parts arrive from our amazing subcontractors.

The atmosphere in the office always gets electrics these mornings where the package containing the parts for the first real prototype arrives. Unpacking this – often vastly complex – Lego-set is like the Christmas Morning of every invention's development cycle. Does everything fit together? Does it work at all? And is the experience and feel like we wanted it to be?

On days like this, no one in the team has time for anything else. And with good reason: The feeling of seeing the ideas and drawings come to life for the first time as an actual product – not just an ugly mockup or handmade prototype – is magical.

The video here is from just a few weeks back - with a new product we, unfortunately, can’t tell you much about. Yet.

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