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Thank you, Denmark, for helping our business succeed!

As spoiled Danes, we take a lot of things for granted. So, let’s just take a minute to appreciate all the benefits we get from our location.

When a new fast-growing company arises, it feels natural to pad the business owners on their backs telling them what a great job they did. We do however often forget to appreciate the foundation, the business is built on top of.

This goes for Lolle & Nielsen Inventions as well, so let's just try to appreciate it for a minute:

We’re blessed with being located in a country with a high standard of living. Among other things, this makes it natural to think about something like working environment, which is a big part of our business. In less developed countries, working environment isn’t really top of mind yet.

A lot of great companies have made it before us, which means we have a wealth of exciting, potential partners in close proximity. Partners who can help us in all kinds of ways.

At the same time, we operate in a system where the state plays an active role in funding high-risk innovation. This goes for private investors as well, and because of the high amount of trust in the country, it’s easy to make agreements.

On a macro-level, we even benefit from our nation’s international reputation. In our experience, “Danish Design” and ”Innovated in Denmark” still makes it easier to get attention and time with some of the greatest companies around the globe.

Appreciating the past

Every place in the world comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks – and in our little pond, we might have become a tad ignorant to just how lucky we are. It still isn’t simple to create success in Denmark, but it’s simple compared to a lot of other places.

The list of benefits could have been so much longer, and a lot of the bullets we simply take for granted – without acknowledging the foundation built by the generations before us.

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