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Sharing insights at the annual meeting with "Kooperationen"

Yesterday we meet with "Udviklerforeningen" and shared our findings and specific ideas from the past year.

We've had a partnership with the development association ('Udviklingforeningen') in 'Kooperationen' for more than a year. An association aiming to create a better foundation for developing new and innovative tools to better the working environment and efficiency in the building industry.

Previously, the development project brought us on a road trip to a handful of building sites in Jutland, as we mentioned in a blog post last year.

And yesterday we had the annual meeting in Kooperationen, we're we shared the results with our peers in the association - from the many visits at building sites, ideations and workshops.

Seven specific ideas were presented, ideas created alongside the users aimed at bettering their working environment and efficiency.

Technical tools developed in a user-centric way has been our central focus since we started a decade ago. Still, it's amazing to share the work in a new forum with amazing, like-minded companies.

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