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Out of Office: Closing down for two days in Jutland with the whole team

A few days without inventing boosts both team spirit and the long-term business prospect when done right.

We recently invited the whole team for a 2-day trip to Jutland. Doing something together outside the inventing cave is nothing new, but this was the first time we did it for two full days – and it was a blast!

Obviously, it’s quite a lot of money to spend during two days where we can’t work on any project. So what’s the payback?

Hanging out with partners

During our two days on the mainland, we visited two of our subcontractors – one working with plastic moulding and another with expertise in steel and aluminium.

As always, it deepens the relationship to actually meet our partners in person, and it gives a whole other level of insight into their job and skills.

That being said, the trip was just as much about hanging out and having a good time in a different setting than the office we go to every day. And that is the contrast that really made it work: A work vacation where work-related ambitions are balanced with time and space to have a good time together.

Transparency in the sun

We believe in the contrasts between work and pleasure when doing trips like this. Perhaps the most contrasting experience during the trip was a session at the dams on the island of Rømø. Here, we shared the economy of our business and our plan for the future – including budget, investments and strategic considerations. And invited everyone to join in on the conversation and share their thought.

Numbers and tactics like that is often a heavy talk associated with hard work. But by setting it up during the trip – at a cosy spot in the sun – we got to talk it through in a different way than we usually do. Getting new and different insights. Before returning to a nice dinner and a glass of wine at our summerhouse on the island.

So. While a two-day trip to Jutland might not directly contribute to the balance sheet in a positive way, we gain so much from doing it.

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