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Our HÅG Flow desk is now up for sale for the first time

The HÅG Flow Standing Desk has just been put up for sale for the first time on the Canadian market

We’re very proud to announce that the HÅG Flow Standing Desk is publicly up for sale for the first time on Ugoburo – a Canadian store for office furniture.

You can see the promotion deal right here:

In good company

HÅG Flow boasts an ultra-simple setup from a flat pack, which also makes it incredibly easy to store and move in minutes. Another key feature is of course the sleek design, which is meant to inspire flow during the workday.

It’s been developed and brought to market with our great, Norwegian partners from Flokk, and as a nice surprise, that they have decided to include their flagship chair “Capisco” in the initial deal to promote the ideal, ergonomic setup.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing how it will be received in Canada, and we can’t wait to launch the desk in more markets.

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