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Opløft is shortlisted for a Danish Design Award

The Sit-Stand Platform, we designed alongside our partners at Posturite, is shortlisted for a Danish Design Award.

We're excited to announce that our Opløft Sit-Stand Platform, which we designed in partnership with Posturite, has been shortlisted for a Danish Design Award. An award which is more fiercely fought for than ever:

“It is fantastic to feel the enthusiasm for the Danish Design Award this year - we have received 28 more nominations than last year from all over the world. Now I look forward to getting started with reviewing them all in collaboration with our talented jury, ” says program manager for the Danish Design Award, Christina Melander.

The jury includes Tue Mantoni, investor and advisor, Lene Tanggaard, principal and professor at the Design School Kolding, and Simon Boas, senior director of communication and sustainability at Carlsberg Group.

More relevant than ever

For several years before we created Opløft, we'd been aware of a gap in the market for a platform that was not only slim, relatively lightweight and fairly easy to move about, but also strong and stable enough to support a full single or dual-monitor set-up.

Existing sit-stand desks were typically quite cumbersome and difficult to manoeuvre. They were placed on top of a desk and that's where they stayed. We wanted a platform that could be moved from desk to desk, or room to room.

During the pandemic, homeworking has really been kicking off and we wanted to design a platform that could fit into the home aesthetically, as well a functionally.

Read more about Opløft here

Now we're looking forward to see if our efforts are rewarded with a spot as a finalist in Danish Design Awards when they are announced on May 24.

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