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Neighbour focus: The inspiring wine pusher next door

As inventors, we thrive in the vibrant community in Sydhavnen, and the wine importer next door is just another inspiring example.

As part of Trifolium in Copenhagen’s Sydhavn, we’re fortunate to have a bunch of cool companies as neighbours.

Husted is one of the neighbours we value extra highly: An exciting importer of wine who also has a series of wine bars and restaurant throughout the city.

Originally, their location in Sydhavnen was wholesale only, but recently they opened up for private sales as well. And with their main storage located just outside our office, I’m sure you can imagine how much we appreciate diving into their wealth of beer and wines - and just hang out while we shop the goods.

An inspiring business

On a personal level, it’s amazing to have Husted next door when we need a little break from inventing. But even though we are in very different industries, Husted also inspires us business-wise.

Their journey alone from a single wine bar in Copenhagen to a series of restaurants, bars and a wholesale operation with the import of exclusive wines is amazing. The same goes for the way they go about their business; they are not afraid to bet on natural wines and more experimental delicacies.

They dare challenge their customers while betting on high value for the money. And companies like that is just a pleasure to be around every day.

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