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Neighbour focus: The industrial event space next door

Meet our neighbours from BHG44 – a really cool, industrial and flexible event space located in Sydhavnen.

Surrounding ourselves with cool people is part of what makes the creative juices flow. People and companies who do things a bit different. And BHG44 is just that.

BGH44 is a new event space located in the old Trifolium dairy alongside us in Sydhavnen. A very rustic and industrial space on multiple levels – literally an event space in two connected floors.

We’ve used the space on multiple occasions, and we want to give them a shoutout for their flexible approach – and not least their ability to survive through the pandemic.

Flexible at its core

Event spaces and conferences rooms can sometimes be a bit rigid to work with in terms of what kind of events suit their space. BGH44 is pretty much the opposite of that.

They welcome every kind of events – from Friday beer with the company to weedings. They excel in catering directly to the needs no matter the event; if you need music, restaurant catering or a big barbeque party, they will make it happen.

Oh, and it’s located inside the old generator hall of Trifolium, which makes the rooms pretty much soundproof – a nice added benefit for those all-night parties!

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