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More 'home-workers' has increased the interest in Opløft

A rapid market-shift has caused new interest in Opløft - our compact sit/stand desk.

We recently got one of those phone calls which is amazing to receive when you are an inventor.

The caller was a large retailer of office supplies and furniture who was interested in selling our sit/stand desk Opløft after receiving a request from one of their large customers, who wanted to use Opløft for their newly established home offices.

And this call just verified our experience during the last few months: The interest in Opløft is growing.

Hello again We spoke with several Danish manufacturers about licensing Opløft before partnering with Posturite in the UK. What made the call even more amazing is, that the caller was one of those danish manufacturers who turned Opløft down in the first place.

At that point in time, they didn't see a market for Opløft - too few people were working from home and everyone already had a full-size sit/stand desk at their office. They simply didn't believe in the home office - which is fully understandable.

Movement in the market Needless to say, that Covid-19 has made the 'working from home'-market move immensely in a few months, but even before the global crisis, the market was moving incredibly fast.

And it's a pleasure to see our invention all of a sudden becomes extra relevant to a lot of people.

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