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Meet our Partner: The metal experts we’re reluctant to share with you

After using a series of different steel- and aluminium suppliers for our inventions we found Helge Bruhn A/S – and haven’t looked for anyone else ever since.

Every now and then, you find a partner who is so amazing and reliable, that you feel reluctant to tell anyone else about them – you want to keep the gem to yourself. Helge Bruhn A/S is such a partner, but we have however decided to tell you about them anyway:

Even though they are located in Southern Jutland - a 300 kilometres drive away from Copenhagen – we’ve worked in close collaboration with Helge Bruhn A/S, a company consisting of expert smiths, for the past 4 years.

Ever since the first time we worked with them, they’ve been our trusted supplier of steel and aluminium – everything involving metal really – for our prototypes and small test series.

The reason why is actually really simple: The old, family-owned business is really, really skilled, highly reliable and competitive in pricing.

Old company – new technology

With a history dating back to 1967, Helge Bruhn A/S is built on a wealth of experience.

Even though they are an old, family-owned business, they are a highly modern production company; they are no strangers to laser cutting steel and aluminium, 3D construction or robot welding.

This means: Whatever our needs are, one of the 30 experts from Helge Bruhn is always able to help us out.

Reliable and no-nonsense

Before stumbling upon Helge Bruhn, we’ve worked with around 10 different subcontractors, but none of them was really the perfect fit for us.

Delivering parts for prototypes and small test series is admittedly a custom job. Nevertheless, we need firm delivery times and greats results every time, and Helge Bruhn A/S has been able to deliver just that for years.

In reality, they are just the kind of “let’s get this job done in an orderly fashion with no non-sense”-company you might expect to meet in rural Denmark. Meant in the absolutely most positive way: That no-nonsense attitude combined with amazingly talented people has been a pleasure to work with.

You can read more about them right here:

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