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LoRa: The Open IoT network powering Ambitlocker

Opdateret: 3. apr. 2020

The IoT-revolution is more real than ever, but the right network is needed for it to become the IoT-dream. We’ve chosen LoRa, and now we’re also contributing to the power of the network.

The Internet-of-Things has been a hyped promise for years, but now things have really started happening. The IoT-dream of improving efficiency and creating endless, new business opportunities by connecting everything to the world wide web – resulting in billions of online-devices in the near future – seems closer than ever.

We’re no stranger to this ourselves, as our smart locker-solution – Ambitlocker – has IoT-padlocks at its core.

Read more about Ambitlocker here.

But in order to make the promising technology gain momentum, the billions of devices need the right network. If every device has to be plugged with a wire or configured for the existing Wifi, it’s going to be a tedious process.

Luckily a lot of smart people are already working on the problem. And our weapon of choice is the LoRa-network, which we have been using to develop Ambitlocker.

Community-based networking

One of the front runners in this respect is The Things Network, an organization driven by user communities with the goal to build a global open LoRaWAN network.

We’ve been using The Things Network in our development efforts, but recently we also joined the community by installing an antenna on the roof of our office building – and a pretty powerful one.

It means that Ambitlocker is now contributing specifically to the Sydhavn area and in general to the overall coverage of the network in Copenhagen. So if you plan to get into IoT.´, check out the communities and forums about how to get started with LoRA.

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