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How We Tackle the Covic19-Crisis

The Corona-crisis is real, and we're trying to deal with it as best as we can while still remaining open for business.

Most of Denmark is effectively shut down in an attempt to prevent the spread of the Corona-virus as much as possible.

We obviously applaud the massive effort being done by everyone right now. But it affects the way most people are working - including us.

We're still open for business, but in a few days, we've had to get used to this new reality, where the development has to keep going while everyone is working remotely.

Online hangout and 3D-printing in a closet

Working from home with kids will inevitably affect our productivity a bit, but we're staying in touch with daily Whereby-meetings to keep in sync on the progress of our various projects.

Our 3D-printer has also been sent home, and is now working from a closet, so we can keep prototyping:

However, one small upside is the fact, that we really get to tests the flexibility of our sit-stand desk Opløft.

Like many other businesses, this is going to hurt our revenue for some time as projects and product launches are being postponed and revenue from licensing is slowing down.

We are however certain, that we're doing to make it through the situation, so don't hesitate to reach out, if you or your company suddenly face new challenges we might be able to help solve.

Hang in there everyone :-)

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