How “Bam-Bus” has inspired us to solve problems in the construction sector for a decade

What makes inventions great is their ability to make people's lives better. Luckily, we’ve been fortunate enough to tackle real, tangible pain points in the construction industry thanks to our collaboration with Bam-Bus.

The Safety and Health Preventive Service Bus for the Construction Sector (Byggeriets Arbejdsmiljøbus in Danish or simply Bam-Bus for short) is established to help companies, safety representatives and employees develop and ensure safe and healthy working conditions and prevent accidents at constructions sites.

The service is mobile, and its experienced consultants are happy to visit all kinds of building sites around the country. And while it might sound like a bureaucratic, regulatory entity, the organization and its impartial advice is both very well-liked and respected in the industry.

As inventors striving to improve the working conditions in the sector, we’ve been working closely with Bam-Bus for more than a decade. And the partnership is only getting stronger.

A symbiotic partnership

Our very first invention (the electrified wheelbarrow called SmartMover) was largely inspired by a need brought to our attention by Bam-Bus.

Throughout the years, they have affected several of the product in our pipeline this way; they tell us about a current problem in the industry which we try to solve with new inventions. With Upclimber, our more recent system for mounting windows, the partnership has led to several add-ons that allow the system to lift a variety of things.

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Whenever they spot a problem in the construction sector, we’ve been one of their go-to partners to meet the need thanks to our ability to realize the potential.

A stamp of approval

Bam-Bus introduces new products that improve the working conditions of building sites. However, while we work closely with the organization it would be more than a stretch to call them our dedicated sales reps.

A few times, we’ve been lucky enough to have a product approved by Bam-Bus. But only after the new invention had already proven its worth in the market; they only bring new products forth if it’s actually both efficient and improve working conditions. And whenever we get that stamp of approval, they are the most amazing ambassadors for our inventions.

If you are struggling with an issue or have a great idea for a new approach to how things are done in the construction industry, we strongly encourage you to reach out to the amazing people a Bam-Bus. And who knows; maybe we will hear about it and try to turn it into an invention?

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