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From “Sitting Too Much” To “Demolition Man”: Working Environment Is So Many Things!

Our focus on working environment has led us on a path to solving problems in a wide range of places – from the home offices to dusty demolition jobs.

If you want to renovate or tear down a building where PCB or lead is a component in the old paint, the walls need to be ground down all the way to the concrete. Which is, by all means, noisy, dusty and heavy work – as we learned when visiting a ‘demolition man’ recently to see how he works.

In the morning, he starts the day by ducts taping all windows and installing suction for the chemicalized paint. Then he wraps himself from top to bottom – including rubber boots and gloves taped to the one piece.

Then he starts removing the paint all day in a cloud of dust, chemicals and noise before cleaning everything thoroughly – including himself. And when he clocks out he can look forward to the same dusty, heavy work the next day.

The versatility of environments

We’ve made it into one of our mission to use our inventions to better the working environment across industries and sectors.

It’s always impressive to visit someone like the demolition man who has an extreme job in an extreme environment. But that’s not to say, the dusty demolition job is the only place they can be improved.

When we visit a home office looking into the challenges associated with sedentary work, it can be just as exciting and rewarding to solve the issues. No matter the challenge, it’s really fulfilling to help someone have a better work-life.

That being said, it’s impressive to experience just how different peoples jobs (and realities really) is – as well as the pro’s and con’s associated with it is!

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