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Do two separate development teams equal too many cooks?

For the first time, we’ve been working on a project with another development team as our partner.

Since Lolle & Nielsen Inventions was founded a decade ago, we have always celebrated working closely with partners to bring our inventions to market. We take care of the development tasks and review the progress with our partners along the process.

In other words, we have always been the primary force behind the product development. However, this changed last year, when we teamed up with Hycon, who has a development team of their own.

For the first time, we have been working as an integrated part of another development team. And after doing this for a year we can safely say: all the worries we might have had about two separate teams working on the same task would lead to “too many cooks”, have been brought to shame.

You can read more about Hycon right here

A respectful rhythm

It takes quite a bit more planning and aligning with two teams working together. Initially, we had to build mutual trust and respect that each party would solve their tasks as agreed. But we quickly found the rhythm in this matter.

This way we have found great value in this new kind of partnership. Hycon has a high degree of specialist knowledge within their products and technologies, which is an incredibly valuable addition to our more general take on inventing and bringing products to market from a more outside-in perspective.

Even though Hycon is the bigger stakeholder in the partnership, we’ve been treated as equals all the way. Both parties have been more interested in cooperating and contributing than ‘who gets the credit for what’, which has led to amazing progress.

At this point, we can’t tell you much about the product, we’re working on. But we are developing it all the way from the initial need to a market-ready product, and we are very much looking forward to show the result of the common effort when the product hit the market.

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