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Creativity works best when contained in a systematic framework

We need creativity to invent new products. But we need it in a consistent way, which is why we apply frameworks to our creative processes.

Being creative is a big part of inventing new products.

However, when your inventor studio is a business like ours, we can’t rely on random tinkering until we stumble upon the next big thing.

We have to approach creativity in a systematic way if we want a framework for inventing.

Break it down and SCAMPER

A brainstorm is a commonly used creative process to generate ideas. But brainstorms come in many shapes and sizes. We prefer to call them idea session where we try to structure the storm and break it down into smaller components.

In the early stages of a new project, our aim is always to solve some kind of problem. Often the various solutions we come up with can be broken down into a set of main features, which can be broken down into smaller subprinciples for the solution.

Breaking down the initial concept makes it much easier to reshape each piece in a controlled, creative framework. One of the methods we like to use is SCAMPER, which is an acronym for Substitute - Combine - Adapt - Modify - Put to other Use - Eliminate – Reverse.

When each part of the concept faces all these ways it can be reshaped, we’re forced to explore the idea further from a lot of different angles in a very systematic way.

Tamed creativity

We value creativity very highly, but at the same time, we believe that creativity thrives when we contain in a certain framework. A backbone like SCAMPER allows us to challenge and reshape the initial idea in a systematic way.

The process always starts from process models and phases so an idea space is established. And in the end, we believe this systematic approach to creativity allows us to be even more creative.

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