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Ambitlocker – a company closely connected to DTU

Our Ambitlocker IoT padlocks are now installed at DTU Skylab as one of the first locations. But the technical university has played a critical role throughout the project.

Mylocker needed a way to change the code on 15.000 padlocks from a central location when they approached us back in 2017. They wanted a smart solution, so they could avoid driving around the country all summer to change the codes manually before the students came back to school.

We immediately saw the potential, and today, this idea has manifested itself in the Ambitlocker solution – an IoT enabled padlock developed in cooperation between Mylocker and Lolle & Nielsen Inventions.

In 2019, Ambitlocker got its first investment, a Platform Architech and product director has been hired to build the organization and sales, and the first installations of the system has been made. And all the way, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has played a central role.

From DTU

Both founders of Lolle & Nielsen Inventions are DTU graduates, and Steffen Nielsen functions as an external lector for the Design Engineers at DTU. The same goes for several team members, who also graduated from the technical university – one of them being Mathies Herskind, who has been a central figure in the development of Ambitlocker.

To make Ambitlocker even more influenced by DTU, two bachelor students – Niklas Bilde and Laus Nissen – helped the joint venture shape Ambitlocker’s fundamental concept as a part of their bachelor project back in 2017.

Back to DTU

To complete the DTU-loop, Ambitlocker is now back as a test case at DTU Skylab – a project kickstarted by Mads Ørting, who was employed with us while finishing his studies at DTU.

It’s safe to say, that Ambitlocker is deeply rooted at DTU in so many ways; the technical university has been an integral part of the joint venture between Mylocker and Lolle & Nielsen Inventions from the very beginning.

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