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After years of development, SmartCutter is ready

Opdateret: 20. maj 2020

We're excited to announce our newest product: SmartCutter. Another invention designed to make the life of workers at building sites easier.

We recently conducted the final test of SmartCutter, and after three years of finetuning our latest invention alongside our partners SmartCutter ApS, BamBus and a couple of other industry experts - it's looking really promising.

At its core, SmartCutter helps workers cut bricks. This means another one of the rough, repetitive tasks at the building site is being taken over by our simple, battery-driven brick-cutter.

The problem we're trying to solve with our partners has been around ever since bricks were invented: Cutting bricks is heavy, manual work with a sharp cut which overloads the shoulders and arm when done repetitively. With SmartCutter the stress on the body is eliminated by the push of a button.

Fine-tuning the blades While the benefits for the physical working-environment is very important to us when we solve problems, we are also very aware of the importance of effectivity. If a new gadget makes the tasks more cumbersome it's unlikely to be adopted.

For that reason, we've made a huge effort in ensuring that SmartCutter cuts as fast as possible and even based the concept on the method already being used: Workers hold the brick with one hand and cut with the other. The big difference using SmartCutter is, that the cut is made by a battery-driven mechanism.

And the four battery-driven blades is the secret to making this new invention competitive with the old fashioned way: Applying one ton of pressure in a few second while maintaining precision and safety was the main challenge we spend years refining.

A product from our core With SmartCutter we're happy to announce yet another invention making workers' lives easier while improving the working environment.

This way, SmartCutter is really at the core of what we do at Lolle & Nielsen Inventions - following the likes of SmartMover and Conhoist, which are already proven their viability in the market.

We can't wait to see SmartCutter hit the market in a larger scale alongside our partners.

You can read more about SmartCutter on its new website right here.

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