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Ambitlocker testing: Getting ready for take-off

The final tests of our IoT-lock have been started, which means production will start soon.

Our internet-connected padlock called ‘Ambitlocker’ is getting closer and closer to becoming a real product.

For that reason, we’ve just initiated a series of tests in different scenarios to make sure we’ve solved all the last bugs and made the finals tweaks before we start production on a large scale.

If you don’t remember Ambitlocker, it’s an IoT-lock which is connected to the network at the locations where it is installed – making it easy to handle for both the end-user and the facility managers, as all locks are connected to a digital backend.

You can read more about Ambitlocker here.

Because the product is so versatile, it has been important for us to test it with a wide range of different users in different scenarios. At the moment the padlocks are being tested a remote storage facility for businesses and private people, a public school, a couple of large corporations are testing the solution for their employees, concert venues and festivals - and a few others.

In all the different test-scenarios it’s our prototype-series being tested. And when the feedback is coming in we will be able to make the final finetuning before production. Which means Ambitlocker will soon be ready for the market!

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