From Copenhagen to Sussex: Posturite’s tale about our partnership

In their current newsletter, our British partners at Posturite is sharing the story of how we started collaborating.

If you’ve been following this blog you shouldn’t be a stranger to our sit-stand desk Opløft – neither the Kickstarter-campaign making the vision a reality and all the hard work we’ve done with our great partners at Posturite to make our invention ready for sale.

Since it was released a bit over a year ago, it has won two international awards for its design and ergonomics.

Now Posturite is telling the tale from their end of their table, and we can honestly say it starts out quite flattering:

“When we first came across the Opløft prototype on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, we were immediately interested.”

You can read the full piece af Posturites website right here.

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