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Upclimber featured in 'Under Hjelmene'

Our up-and-coming 'Upclimber'-system is featured in the latest issue of the paper "Under Hjelmene".

In the spring, the great people from 'Under Hjelmene' visited us to talk about our invention 'SmartMover' for their podcasts about tools for the building industry.

'Under Hjelmene' is however more than just a podcast; they also publish the building industry's newspaper about working environment. And for their latest issues they decided to revisit us and tell about our Upclimber-system, which is getting closer to the market.

While the paper isn't broadly known in Denmark, the 40.000 issues are distributed to professionals at building sites, and we already feel the increased demand for the solution after being featured.

This makes it even more exciting to launch 'Upclimber' in the near future and see how it will be received on the building sites.

You can read the full article here (in Danish):

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