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Skylab Ignite delivered more than just inspiration

When we visited the pitch-competition Skylab Ignite at DTU, we got a really nice surprise.

We attend a bunch of different conferences and events, and the possibility of getting inspired is always on the top of our agenda.

This was also the case when we visited the Skylab Ignite-event last week to hear ideas from 10 bright teams at DTU. But when the verdict came - after all it was a competition - we got a nice surprise: Our student employee Nicklas Bilde was engagedet in the startup who won the competition and the 40.000 cash prize that came with it:

The project that won is called 'ServedOnSalt', and they have made an invention that helps women in developing countries and refugee camps get access to clean cooking with their ServedOnSalt cooker - a heat battery, charged by the sun.

The cooker stores solar energy using salt hydration, and allow women to cook late at night and early in the morning without hurting themselves or the environment.

The solution is based on salt dried by heating it, and when water is then added to the dry salt it starts a chemical reaction that get the salt very hot - so hot it can be used for cooking.

So in the end, we got both surprised and inspired!

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