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How two products developed the same way turned out very differently

While the process and even the products are similar, there are some important differences in the way Opløft and Flip are born – and what they are supposed to be in the end.

When one project takes the other, it is easy to forget what you’ve been through and reflect on the findings and learning you did during the process.

We recently rediscovered this, when we updated our website with two graphics showing the development of Opløft and the Flip-bench.

The two projects both followed the same 7-step development process and ended up as some kind of furniture. A process pretty much all of our products go through. Nevertheless, the two project are very different in both the way they were born and the way they are prepared for the market.


The idea for Opløft was born inside the company, and there is a certain excitement in cutting some wood and figuring out whether your idea actually works as a mockup.

After a long haul Opløft ended up being prepared and optimized for production on a large scale. And it’s easy to understand why some product die in the process: The journey from the firsts simple board-version to the finished product in such an endeavor is extremely long and challenging.


Flip was born in a different way: Instead of groping around from our own idea, Copenhagen Business School contacted us with their specific need.

This meant we knew what to solve but now how. Again: It’s the same processes and still so different.

And in the end, FLIP wasn’t supposed to be produced on a large scale – only as a few benches tailored for CBS.

Initial idea and final purpose

It’s easy to see the similarities during the development of both projects. Idea turns into mockup turns into prototypes before the final product.

But even though this process is similar, there some beautiful differences in the way the products are born and how they develop along the process – depending on the initial idea and final purpose.

For that reason, we firmly believe in being open and evaluate detours in the the development. As long as we stay true to the proces methodology it will take us to the goal line in the end - as long as the concept is strong enough.

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