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Meet Ambitlocker: The internet-connected padlock

We’re currently preparing the proof-of-concept version of our newest product, which is going to make locker management much easier.

Ambitlocker is the newest kid on our block: A digital and internet-connected IoT-padlock that allows changing and assigning codes when the need arises.

The product has been developed as its own startup alongside our partners, and we happy to be able to tell you more about Ambitlocker as it is now being prepared for the final proof-of-concept test, where the product and its underlying system will be tested in large scale before hitting the market.

Lightening the burden of locker management The concept of lockers – your own little space to store your valuables in a public location – is nothing new. But with Ambitlocker we’re trying to move lockers into the digital era.

This is done by the IoT-lock, which is connected to the network at the locations where it is installed – making it easy to handle for both the end-user and the facility managers, as all lock are connected to a digital backend.

Today, managing a lot of lockers can be a tedious and timeconsuming task, as the mechanical locks have to be managed and changed manually.

With Ambitlockers the individual lock is setup with an account for the user, which will then get a code sent by text or email. And if the user in changing, the lock can simply be assigned to a new user – making management much simpler than today.

In addition, the system can even be retrofitted to existing lockers in order to make the digital transition as smooth as possible.

Fit for everyone The end-user is everything from primary school students to hospital staff. This has called for a versatile and simple solution that is easy to use for all kinds of users.

First of all, this meant, that the IoT-lock shouldn’t be depending on a smart device to unlock. Not only would this mean every user would have to have a smart device and even be sure it was always charged to unlock their locker. It would also make it impossible to store the smart device itself inside the locker.

For that reason, we started testing a four-button combination solution with the youngest kids in primary school, who are used to ”compass locks” today. And it turns out the ”up – down – left – right” codes is just the right way to ensure a simple lock.

With the initial tests, we feel confident that Ambitlockers offers something new and unique that we hope the market will embrace once the underlying cloud-solution has been fully tested and we’re ready to launch it in full scale.

If you want to see a demo of Ambitlocker you can sign up at


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