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Flip: Meet CBS’s new signature furniture

Flip is a new, flexible bench that doubles as a table and creates an informal space for the students at Copenhagen Business School.

Copenhagen Business School has gradually gotten their new signature furniture installed during the past few months. A unique bench that doubles as a table thanks to its flexible design which gives the students an informal space for short breaks and conversations in a convenient and very space-efficient way.

We started developing the concept and design for CBS at the end of last year alongside Rønnow Arkitekterne. After maturing the bench and making it ready for production it’s now getting installed and multiple CBS locations.

Becoming the signature

Copenhagen Business School wanted a piece of furniture that students could use in passageways for short, informal meetings.

The furniture should have seats as well as faces where a computer could be placed. It needed to be flexible, and as CBS couldn’t find anything on the market that suited their needs, they wanted to turn the project into their signature furniture and tasked us to develop the concept.

The solution needed to be flexible, and the idea that became Flip was simple: How about a seat you can transform into a table?

We believe we created a beautiful furniture that allows for a wide variety of configurations. And thanks to the sturdy design it can both be installed in niches as well as a stand-alone furniture.

The first FLIP’s have already been installed on CBS’s main location on Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, and more will hopefully follow in the University’s other location next year.

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