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Smart//Mover has found a new home

The Danish company ‘Baron’ has bought our very first invention, Smart//Mover, which gives the product an even bigger platform to succeed from.

Nearly a decade ago Lolle & Nielsen Inventions was founded around our very first invention: The battery-powered hand truck Smart//Mover.

It was developed alongside our partner on the Island on Mors, and it has been a pleasure to see our product grow over the years reaching the milestone of the 1000th Smart//Mover being sold last year.

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Smart//Mover has undeniably been a success, and today it helps workers all over Denmark work in a safer, healthier and more efficient way.

And now it’s time for Smart//Mover to find a new home: Thanks to its success the bigger Danish company Baron has bought the product and integrated it to their broad product line.

Platform for full potential

While it might seem a little sad that our first invention is now moving into new hands, we are way more excited than sad about the transfer.

Not only has Baron given Smart//Mover a new and fresh yellow colour, but they also provide fresh resources for development into their product line and a larger platform for the product to succeed even further to reach its full potential.

We are excited to see where Baron will take Smart//Mover next, and we hope to continue further development of new add-on and onto new markets alongside the new owner.

See the new Smart//Mover colour here.


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