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Pull the plug and let incubation do its magic

Summer holidays are approaching. Take the opportunity to pull the plug while your ideas are incubating in the back.

In idea- and concept generation it’s commonly acknowledged, that ideas need to incubate in order to mature.

You start off with hunches of something that might turn into an idea or concept. But the hunch needs to mature in the back of your head in order to connect with other hunches, transform itself and eventually turn into more solid hunched.

I’m sure you’ve faced some problem at some point that wouldn’t let you solve it – until you took a bike ride or stood in the shower. The obvious solution suddenly presented itself.

It’s interesting to make incubation work for your ideas in an active manner instead of believing you have to hard work through every problem or conflict. In reality, a lot of things tend to fall into place once you let it incubate – concrete products and concept as well as strategies and partnerships.

Remember regular incubation We still try to be better at remembering ourselves to take a break every once in a while – instead of just marching on during the spring, then taking some vacating in the summer, before working intensely during the fall.

The more regularly we give ourselves a break, the more efficient and creative we tend to get.

At least, the subconsciousness doesn’t offer the same creative and simple solutions when it isn’t nurtured properly during stressful periods. And I do believe we achieve greater creativity when we let the brain work in idle mode – which can mean everything from not working in the evening, go home a little earlier every once in a while or take an extended weekend off.

The culture can’t be kamikaze A lot of consultants take pride in 100-hour work weeks. But that’s not a culture we want to promote.

We believe our team is responsible enough to plan their own working hours without slacking or working kamikaze. If one person starts working like crazy it is transmitted to the team immediately – destroying the space for creative breaks.

The only thing we don’t like too much is working from home. We need to be together to let our hunches and ideas spread and transform.

So, take your time off and enjoy the sun in god consciousness. Don’t keep staring at a challenge or your pinging inbox from work. Cause when your actually taking a vacation your subconscious will start really incubating for you.

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