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The first product with Logik & Co: Inventions are also allowed to be simple

'Dust-tube' is the first product we’ve co-developed with Logik & Co. to improve the working environment on their building sites. It’s admittedly simple, but that has also made it super-fast to develop and implement.

While some concepts take years to develop, refine and implement, others are so simple that they can almost be done from one day to the other.

An example on the latter is just what we’ve done in our first product made in cooperation with Logik & Co.

The product pretty much a very big plastic bag to put on the outside of the pipe for garbage on scaffoldings. And the simplicity has made it fast to develop, while it still efficiently keeps dust from escaping the pipe – resulting in as little dust as possible spreading to the resident around it.

Fresh eyes for a simple solution ”When there isn’t owner or shareholder who demands returns on their investment if the company is well-run, then you can – as a collaborative company – choose to invest in projects than benefits working environment and improves the buildingsite” Logik & Co. writes about the new inventions here:

We're happy to be on this journey with Logik & Co. to make big as well as small improvement to different parts of the building industry.

Dust-tube just shows that great improvements for the building site don’t necessarily require huge development processes – merely some fresh eyes from the outside to find a simple and effective solution.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel just because it’s possible if there’s a simpler solution available.

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