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Opløft is on sale: Save 20% during "National Walking Month"

Our partners at Posturite have made an amazing new campaign for Opløft: New pictures, fresh videos - and a 20% discount on Opløft in May.

In parallel with all the early stage project we're working on, it's amazing to be reminded that good things are happening to the product we have already released onto the market - all thanks to our amazing partners.

To our surprise, we recently discovered how Posturite is promoting 'Opløft' because of "National Walking Month" - and even offering a 20% discount during May.

Opløft is both features in Posturites newsletter and on their campaign-site (where it's also specified how you get the 20% off).

At the same time, they have shot a series of new awesome pictures and videos of Opløft - take a look at it right here.

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