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We’re putting our ears to the ground in Jutland for the members of Kooporationen

Really listening to what the market needs is one of the core skills in our initial development.

We’ve said it over and over again: When we invent new products and tools we take pride in working alongside skilled partners and stakeholder on the market to make sure the solution is the right one.

This week we walked the talk by spending a few days in Jutland visiting a handful of building sites to gain new inspiration and insights.

The roadtrip is part of a grand new development project we're working on alongside "Kooperationen" and their company-members - and during the first few days we visited Hustømrerne, Jorton, TBS and RB1940 Boligservice.

Right now, our main focus is on the building industry, where we’re trying to fill the product gaps for carpenters, masons and painter. Putting our ears to the ground is key in the initial part of development, and even though it might not result in a new concept right away, it's always time really well spend.

Next week we're on the road again to visit a major buildingsite operated by Christiansen & Essenbæk, who're another huge stakeholder in the project.

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