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Our inventions-story told on 130 local radios i Denmark on our very first podcast

For the first time, we have been invited to be a part of a podcast - more specifically the Danish podcast "Under Hjelmene", which is broadcasted to more than 130 local radios in Denmark.

Technical tools can be crucial to a healthy working environment but they have to be done right in order to be adapted and used by the workers. The podcast "Under Hjelmene" has taken a closer look at how tools are done successfully - and we are a part of the show.

The show is taking a closer look at how technical tools for the building industry is born. And more importantly: How the development should be done alongside appropriate stakeholders in order to make its market adaptation successful.

Without spoiling too much of the show we can say, that we're very pleased with the episode and the positive feedback SmartMover is getting.

Hear more about our invention - and the whole process behind it - right here:

#Smartmover #podcast

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