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Building sustainably is getting on the agenda

Talking about the future with a group of peers at Logik & Co. last week really revealed just how much the building industry is about to buy into the sustainable agenda.

New technologies are going to hit every part of the value chain in the building industry – and it’s already happening. All the way from the individual builder who is getting access to new and smarter tools to the contractor who is able to get a 3D-scan of the building process.

But when we were meeting some of our peers to talk about the future at a gathering our friends from Logik & Co. hosted, the talk really circuited the sustainable agenda and how the building industry can help reduce CO2 emissions.

And this isn’t just interesting because the industry is starting to really discuss it. The politicians are starting to get behind it as well – and the potential is huge!

Green Denmark has huge potential Thanks to its efforts in windpower Denmark is often seen as a green frontrunner. But even in green Denmark, 40% of the total energy is still being consumed in buildings, and the potential to make the building mass more power efficient is huge.

An analysis from Aalborg University even suggests that cutting energy consumption for heating by 40% before 2050 would be a cheaper way to lower CO2 emissions.

65% of the building mass is made up of building from before 1980 which aren’t compatible with the first energy requirements enforced by the government. Which means that renovating older building possesses great potential in the green transition for many years to come.

A general shift in focus In the European Union the goal is a 30% reduction in energy consumption from building, farming and transportation, and in Denmark, the vision is to become a low emission society by 2050. But those goals require action. And contractors aren’t interested in high risk, which means general demand or politicians needs to drive the green transition.

That being said, the building sector in Denmark already has a wealth of knowledge in green renovation, but a push from the outside is needed to take it to the next level – which is starting to happen.

Getting back to the talk at Logik & Co.: The different stakeholders are seeing this shift happening in their networks right now. New technologies are being developed, and contractors are ready to adopt it once it’s proven worthwhile.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled to see this development. We’re already working on solutions for this shift – like Conhoist, which will make green renovations more profitable. And after all, renovating the existing building is way greening than demolishing and spending valuable resources on a new one.

You can read more about Conhoist on our blog here.

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