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Our Conhoist got funding

After years of development, we’ve secured funding for the last real-world test of Conhoist to document its effect on the working environment and sustainability.

Conhoist is a battery powered gantry crane system which fits any scaffolding. This makes it easy to lift loads up to 1000 kg in any direction under roofed scaffolding.

The automated features make working processes and times more efficient and safe for the workers. And now we’ve secured the funding for the last test of the system to document the effects.

Funding for full-size testing

The development of the beta-prototype of Conhoist Monorail has been underway for two years, and now we’re ready for the first full-size real-world testing.

The mission is to ensure efficiency in building site covered with a roof. This way. the building process is kept dry, safe and efficient at the same time. And the hypothesis is now to be documented thanks to a “Innovation to the Market”-grant from Realdania.

Last step before the market

From the get-go, we’ve chosen strong partners in Herlev Stilladser and HS Smeden. And we’re using their market insight and customer base to estimate our market potential and kickstart sales.

To pave the way for the first sales the whole value-chain is activated during development. This makes the benefits of the system clear already before it’s ready for the market.

“Our customers see the benefits of the system and we are able to put numbers on the gains from the system, which makes selling easy – I’m sure. The savings are going to be substantial for the individual contractor and at least as substantial for the developer. Everybody wins,” says Kurt Bo Jensen, CEO in Herlev Stilladser.

Multiple agreements to test the system has already been made with contractors, who’re going to be the end-user once it’s done.

We expect Conhoist Monorail to be ready for market-introduction in Denmark in late 2020. But afterwards, we plan to keep developing the system for a couple of years to make it work in the third dimension and include all the automatic features.

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