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How we did our first, professional photoshoot

For the first time, we have been the producer behind the marketing material for one of our new product.

We’re getting close to the end of the process with a brand-new product we’re working on alongside a huge, international producer. So close, that we recently did the photoshoot for the product.

We have done photo shoots of our product many times before, but the most ambitious ones have been for our Kickstarter campaign, where we made everything from scripting to filming to modelling ourselves.

This time, was way more ambitious: It was the first time we were tasked to make the visual material that the producer is going to use for branding and marketing in the end.

All done in one day In the two weeks leading up to the shoot, we basically planned everything from the script to the location to the photographer and the model.

While the model was found through a traditional agency, we found the location in a more startup-ish fashion: Through Airbnb.

And with the practicalities planned – model, photographer, location, lighting and even the weather on our side – we managed to make al the marketing photos and videos in a single day with a team of only four members.

Communicating the concept We got some outside experts for modelling and photographing, but we were still the producers of the material. And even though it’s not our core skill, we still had some very strong opinions about what the story should be.

For that reason, it makes so much sense that we’re involved in the photoshoot. Our products aren’t just glorious gadgets which need the right lighting to look sleek. They come with a concept, and this concept should be revealed to the market in the right way. And as the team who spend months developing the concept, we feel like we’ve managed to convey this is the best possible fashion thanks to the help from the experts.

Unfortunately, this is yet another of those secret projects. But we can’t wait to tell you about it soon!

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