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We’re back teaching "Product Analysis and Redesign" on DTU

After leaving the teaching role in order to dedicate ourselves to starting up Lolle & Nielsen Inventions, we are now back as teachers on the course “Product Analyses and Redesign” on DTU – Technical University of Denmark.

We were teaching “Product analysis and redesign” on DTU a few years ago. But in order to focus exclusively on Lolle & Nielsen Inventions in the startup phase, we decided to drop the commitment.

Now, when the company has matured, we’re super happy to be back as teachers on the course. And this time with a lot more experience in the backpack.

The course is basically 60 talented students learning about design processes and being creative in a systematic manner in order to generate ideas and concepts. They are collaborating in teams with companies with a product in need of innovation, and the students are then tasked to redesign this product.

It’s always exciting to work alongside the talents of the future. What makes teaching this course extraordinarily exciting is the fact, that the course is where the foundation for all their product development skills are being laid.

A unique network

Product analysis and redesign is the backbone of being a design engineer - which means the skills required plays an essential role in what we’re doing in Lolle & Nielsen Inventions.

This makes it fundamentally interesting for us to be able to make our mark on the course. We have the real-world experience from the field, and it’s amazing to share this with students – getting their feedback and this amazing link to the university and all their domain knowledge.

It’s hard to underestimate how valuable this kind of network is to us. We’ve already had several students helping us as a spinoff from this class, and the first full-time design engineer we hired graduated from it – and applied for a job with us as a direct consequence from our first round of teaching it back in 2011.

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