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The win-win of working with a student team from Student & Innovation House

How spending time and resources on a student case provided us with some really valuable research.

Last year we were deep into the development of a new project with one of our partners on a brand new (and still secret) project.

Thanks to our great partner's knowledge on the field, we already knew that the project had great potential for the Danish market at this stage of the process. At the same time, the expectations for it international performance was solid, but we also acknowledged, that we lacked the international market analysis, and would have a hard time making an accurate one ourselves.

For that reason, it was heaven-sent, when Student & Innovation House asked us if we had a case to pilot with their student-consultants. This way we could have a external team asses which market we should start betting on.

The student consultants from Student & Innovation House helped out Wholi, TrainAway and us.

Learning from the students Thanks to the collaboration with Student & Innovation House a team of four students was assigned to making our international market analysis in some handpicked countries while we were still developing.

International market analysis usually demands a lot of resources. Resources we don’t have in-house. But thanks to this amazing team of international students – from Germany, Canada and Iceland – and their in-depth skills in the field we got a thorough analysis.

At the same time, we have learned a thing or two we can use in the future by working alongside this talented team, who had a different approach to the analysis than us.

Aiming for a win-win It’s rarely a bad thing to get help for free, but the student team provided us with really valuable research. Research, that has given us a more complete understanding of the international possibilities for this new product.

But we also aimed to spend enough time and resources on the collaboration to provide the team with a genuine opportunity to learn from the experience by working on a real project. We provided with all the knowledge and real-world insights from both us and our partner, as we possibly could. And hopefully, this hands-on experience in market assessment has been useful for them as well.

At least we hope this was only the first collaboration with Student & Innovation House of many more to come in the future.

Student & Innovation House - the old police station on Frederiksberg which has been converted into an amazing space.

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