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A new harvesting method for the green material alternative: Eelgrass

Danish company Zostera has found ways to utilize eelgrass as a sustainable alternative to traditional materials. We’re helping them develop a new harvesting method in order to make the price competitive.

It turns out that eelgrass – which formal name is Zostera - is a phenomenal replacement for a lot of the traditional material that is being used in the building industry. And the huge upside is that it’s more sustainable.

The Danish company Zostera has developed some alternative materials for the industry that is environmentally friendly to produce and competitive in terms of quality.

While a greener building industry is in everyone’s best interest Zostera, the company, still have one obstacle to cross: The price has to be competitive too.

For that reason, we’ve become involved in this amazing project in order to identify and develop a new way to harvest the eelgrass.

A strangely perfect fit

Harvesting water crops might seem like an odd addition to our inventing portfolio, but it actually has a bunch of synergies to what we have done earlier.

While eelgrass’ environment might be a bit different, the harvesting method still comes down to finding the right concept, developing the right tools and improving the efficiency in the processes. Which is what we do best.

We already have a bunch of concepts for harvesting and working practices on the table. During the coming months, we’re going to work alongside Zostera to narrow it down before prototyping begins.

Needless to say, we’re super excited about this partnership. Not only because we get to use our methods and solutions in a new setting. But also because we get to work alongside an amazing company and their new, sustainable solution.

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