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The right partnership is key to growth for both parties

This year is going to be even more about licensing and partnership. Both are crucial to us as inventors, and cultivating and refining the collaborations are going to be a growth driver for us this year.

2018 ended with our partners at Posturite launching Opløft, and SmartMover K/S selling the 1000th Smart//Mover.

It’s becoming a well-covered topic on this blog. But looking into 2019, we have to bring it forth once more: Partnerships.

Licensing and partnerships are a still more integral part of Lolle & Nielsen Inventions, and that isn’t going to change this year.

Not more, but stronger partnerships

This doesn’t however necessarily mean, that we are going to announce a bunch of new partners this year. Instead, we are building on the existing ones.

Instead of establishing new partnerships for each product, it makes more sense to form deeper and stronger relationships with the great partners we already have.

When we have a lot of interest and even a vision in common – as well as the right chemistry – it’s all about cultivating the partnership for the right synergies to sprout for both parties.

We are currently seeing this with Opløft. Posturize have added a new, unique product to their offerings, which wouldn’t have happened without our involvement. On the other hand, we wouldn’t have access to their amazing knowhow and enormous distribution channels without the partnership.

The partnership with Posturite is on its way to becoming a match made in heaven, and we have quite ambitious expectations for it. Both in term of a product family around Opløft, but also in terms of new product types.

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