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Creative Industries Forum 2018: The search for new partners in Latvia

Denmark and Latvia are going to work closer together in Design. That´s the promise of a 3-year cooperation deal that is launched at the Creative Industries Forum 2018 today – and we´re invited to the conference.

The Crown Prince of Denmark, Frederik, is kicking of the Creative Industries Forum 2018 today, which also marks the beginning of a 3-year cooperation deal between designers from Denmark and Latvia.

The ministers of culture from both countries are also attending the conference in Riga, Latvia, where the focus is on developing design companies through workshops and networking between prominent companies from both countries - and we´re honoured to be among the ones who have been invited.

We depend on great partnerships, and in Riga we´re on the lookout for new partners to invite into our network during the conference – it gets especially interesting, when we can get introduced to global players.

Latvia is already known for their expertise and production capabilities in furniture design, and we´re hoping to meet some inspiring companies to cooperate within the high-quality multifunctional space we have recently entered with Opløft and Flowdesk.

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