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Shaping engineers of the future with Aalborg University

As a company constantly looking for talent, we’re helping Aalborg University shape their engineering education for the job market of the future.

One of our neighbors in Sydhavnen is the Copenhagen Campus of Aalborg University. And we are helping them shape the education for “Sustainable Design” in a panel filled with other companies looking for that kind of talent in the future.

The panel is a mix of representatives from the private and public sector – from a broad spectrum of industries – who’re contributing with ideas for the content of the program as well as the specific classes.

The whole idea of the effort is to make sure the education prepares the student with the skills they will actually need once they are done studying.

Proximity to students

Being a part of the panel takes time, but saying our participation is altruism alone would be a lie. As a potential future employer, it’s valuable to us to be able to affect tomorrows talent with some of the needs we’re participating from the future.

It’s obviously a long haul: The ideas we’re bringing to the table often takes a year or two to concretize before it’s implemented for 1st semester students – then an additional five years before they’re done studying.

But one thing is the graduating candidates. Another is the proximity we get to the students and the projects they’re dreaming about in the moment, that might be a fit for us while they’re still studying; a recruitment pipeline that’s part of our strategy.

Linking to academia

As a company inventing new concepts and products as a living, we’re relying heavily on new knowledge from talented engineers. Which made it a clear yes, when we were asked if we wanted to be a part of the panel.

But the panel also turned out to give us some very interesting discussion in return – from skilled professionals in our field as well as the university’s researchers and professors from the top of their fields.

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