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Expand: New add-on for Upclimber

With the continuous development of new tools, we strive to keep supporting new use cases for Upclimber.​

From the get-go our compact lifting hoist for window mounting "Upclimber" has been designed as the core of a flexible and modular system.

We have already put a few add-ons for Upclimber on the market, and now we're ready to introduce a new one: "Expand".

Expand is a mobile expansion pole that allows one man to mount windows up to 130 kg from the inside of a building.

The pole is suspended between floor and ceiling and a arm that rotates 360 degrees makes Upclimber fast and easy to use for window mounting from the inside as well as outside.

Expand solved a need at one of the construction companies we're working with, and now it's ready for general purchase.

We previously annonced "Jib" for mobile suspension and "Clamp" which allows the movement in and out of scaffolding - and we already have more new add-ons and tools in the pipeline that expands the usecases for Upclimber.

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