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Learning through partnerships: How we are going IOT

Great partnership are a essential way to move the company forward. This time into the realm of IOT.

The project we're about to tell you about is still secret. We actually can't reveal a lot of specifics about it. But it's nevertheless interesting for Lolle & Nielsen Inventions because it marks the venture into a new realm: Internet of Things, Software and Electronics.

It started out like so many others: Trying to solve a real problem with a new concept. But while the design part is right down our alley - we drove the project all the way to mockup-stage - we needed a partner for the prototype. And with a strong, international partner with experience in embedded software and electronics, this has been a strong learning project for us as well.

The process surrounding this new project has required both us and our partner to support each other with our different skills. While we have been taking care of the iterative design process, we have learned a lot from the feasibility studies on the way to a functioning IOT-prototype by working alongside them. And strong partnerships like this really help move Lolle & Nielsen Inventions forward.

Enroute to new skills in-house Our core skills are still design and mechanics, and we still lack electronics and software. But it's projects like this that prepares us for the next step on our journey - allowing us to prototype even more advanced products in the future.

The first step was taken with our Electronics workshop:

The new venture into IOT has matured the company to hire new skills in this area in-house. Not to replace our great partners but to complement them in order to make the development move even faster.

And this has just confirmed that great partners aren't just essential to make great projects. It's a crucial component to move the entire company forward.

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