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Upclimber goes international: Come visit us in Düsseldorf

The international public announcement of our Upclimber is taking place at the biggest glass trade fair in Düsseldorf.

After a succesful launch of Upclimber at Byggeri'18 earlier this year our compact lifting hoist for window mounting is going international this week at the trade fair for glass production "Glasstec" in Düsseldorf.

Upclimber is presented by our partner Global Lift Group, and we have a strong belief that their dedicated team will take Upclimber to new markets.

If you're attending Glasstek be sure to swing by our booth before it closes on Friday 26th.

International feedback = New Add-ons

As the developing partner behind Upclimber we can't wait to get the feedback from such a broad audience of potential users from all over the world. As we have developed and tested it on the Danish marked in close cooperation with multiple building sites we know it's working here, but the international feedback will allow us to keep developing new tools and add-ons that will extend the value of Upclimber further.

And speaking of add-on: We already have two new product in the pipeline that will be announced very soon!

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